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The Legacy Group was started as a family business and we continually strive to make our investors feel as though they are part of the family, and not just capital investors. Our investors become our partners and we treat your investment just as we would our own family’s money. Our perspective provides a truly a unique approach, in a non-traditional investment model.

We have over 110 years of collective real estate experience across our team partners who have survived and thrived in various types of real estate markets. This vast experience and background teaches us how to handle unique real estate situations and opportunities when they present themselves. From our key relationships we learn of new opportunities and potential trends from across the country. This unique ability to cultivate strong partnerships has differentiated The Legacy Group from our competitors. We have developed relationships with a handful of the best builders and real estate professionals in the country. No one else in the industry has such high quality relationships as The Legacy Group.

Our experience also allows us to select the right asset class to compliment the existing market changes in order to capitalize on wealth and income.

Our partners and the relationships that we build are paramount to our success. We foster a sense of belonging and friendship and family with each transaction. Call us today to visit our offices or request more information about The Legacy AdvantageTM toll-free at (719) 578-8387.

  • Questions About Investments?

  • What type of asset classes does The Legacy Group target?

    The Legacy Group invests in two primary asset classes, promissory notes and direct investments in commercial real estate. The promissory notes provide income and cash flow while the commercial real estate provides both cash flow and wealth creation.

  • How much money do I need in order to participate?

    The Legacy Opportunity Fund I has a minimum investment amount of $50,000; however, within The Legacy Group, there are opportunities to which you may invest as little as $20,000 or $30,000. Our average client is typically invested at $200,000.

  • What is the loan to value that you loan on?

    The Legacy Group loans up to 65% of the after-repaired value of the home. In making our assessment of the total loan amount, we consider diverse factors from property location and renovations needed to investor experience. The percentage you desire as a loan to value is completely your decision.

  • What types of returns can I expect?

    Every investment is different. The Legacy Opportunity Fund I has projections detained within the registered PPM which can be requested by calling (719) 578-8387. Opportunities outside of the fund will detail their own return expected. Investments carry risk and a risk disclosure will be included in your investment opportunity.

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Why Choose The Legacy Group?

  • We have built top relationships with the best builders and professionals in the country
  • We make our investors feel like they are part of a family
  • We focus on consistent communication to serve client needs and keep them informed of upcoming acquisitions
  • We shift the risk to borrowers
  • The knowledge to select the right asset for income
  • We have the background and experience to understand dynamic real estate markets in order to keep our investor’s money safe
  • Over 100 years of real estate experience
  • In-depth understanding of the market for future income and growth

Meet The Legacy Group

As a real estate investment fund company, our team is our greatest asset.
Each member plays a critical role in helping The Legacy Group succeed.

Learn about our investment solutions What is The Legacy Advantage™?

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  • The Legacy Advantage™ is our unique process and it’s how we deliver value to our family of investors. With our commitment to success we focus on building connections with top professionals in the industry and treating our clients and their investments with the respect we would give our own family.

  • Treating clients like our family. Because we are dedicated to seeing the highest return on your investments, we truly get to know you and your situation.

  • Communication is key. We use a third party reporting firm to value assets within the fund and report project status to our investor clients.

  • Over 100 years of experience. Our experience and perspective is truly a unique approach in the industry, even in a non-traditional investment model.